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We connect luxury buyers and sellers globally. Offering an unparalleled collection of listings across various categories, including homes.

Our platform provides digital classifieds for the world's most valuable listings. Attracting high-value buyers through a horizontal strategy featuring related interest categories. 

Increase Profits With Luxurious Brand Awareness 

Make your brand synonymous with luxury. Stop wasting resources with low check sales and start selling luxurious properties with a profitable return. Expand your agency into the luxury segment and increase your average sale at least x7 times.

Leading Industry Experts Rely On Our Marketplace

Christopher Clover
Panorama Properties · Marbella, Spain

Ayham Jbara
Manzel Kareem Real Estate · Dubai, OAE

Dimitris Doumouras
Golden Land Goutos · Greece

The Go-To Channel For The Most Valuable Assets

Leaders In Capturing International Luxury Buyers

Benefit from our Global SEO in less than 24h. JamesEdition consistently ranks among the top results for thousands of Google searches in 5 languages worldwide. 

+1.3 Million Users per Month.
+280,000 Listings.

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Through JamesEdition's social media channels, journal section and newsletter.

  • 3M+ monthly active users across 6 active social media platforms.
  • More than 7M accounts reached in 2022.
  • 140K+ blog views per month.
  • 300K+ email subscribers with 35% open rate.

Track Your Investment And Performance

No one likes to invest when you don’t know the actual return. That’s why you'll have access to a dashboard, to easily monitor your performance and track success.

Tailored Advertising For Your Listings

We use programmatic advertising to target to highly qualified buyers, increasing visibility for your listings beyond our website and improving your return on investment. 

Take advantage of this opportunity and join us now. 


How many leads will I get?

We cannot predict this as it relies mainly on you (the seller). The number of leads you will receive depends on several factors, including the region where you list your properties and the quality of your listings. In regions where the luxury residential industry is more developed, you can expect to receive more traffic and leads. To maximize the number of leads, ensure your listings have high-quality pictures, videos and virtual tours, are priced appropriately, and have valuable and comprehensive descriptions.

Can I get a free trial?

Free trials are not a part of our offering. Setting up your account with us requires significant time and resources, and generating qualified leads for high-end properties can be time-consuming. We need a subscription to sustain our operations, including employee salaries and marketing campaigns. If you're unsatisfied with the results you receive from JamesEdition, you can discontinue our services without any penalties.

Where will my properties be promoted?

Your properties will be promoted globally to a qualified audience of avid buyers interested in purchasing luxury Real Estate. We focus on High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) in key regions worldwide. Currently, our traffic is split between North America (40%) and Western Europe (40%), while the remaining 20% comes from Asia, the Middle East, and other wealthy hotspots worldwide. This allows us to strategically increase your listings' visibility and selling potential.

What kind of properties can I list?

You can list all residential properties above $500.000. We also accept land and new developments, but commercial properties (hotels, businesses, investment properties) are not currently permitted.

Why JamesEdition?

JamesEdition offers a unique and comprehensive platform for luxury classifieds, attracting high-value buyers through our diverse and related categories, top Google SEO & SEM ranking and targeted content creation. Our platform has already established itself as the World's Largest Luxury Marketplace for the last 15 years, and we partner up with leading luxury brands worldwide. By joining us, you can ensure your listings receive the exposure and results you seek.

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